Bikini Body Tan Lotion

Bikini Body Tan Lotion

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Bikini Body Intensifier - Btl - Tanning Lotion By Devoted Creations Ultra-Rich Dark Tanning Butter
Superior Toning & Firming Formula

“Just like being Bikini ready hydrated skin is always in! Allow Bikini Body to be your new tanning BFF! This Ultra-rich tanning butter will deeply nourish and darken skin while also tightening, toning, and reducing the appearance of cellulite. Complexion correctors counteract skin sagging for flawless, highly-sought after results. This bronzer-free tan enhancing blend will work overtime to maintain your Bikini Body all year round!”


Bikini Ready tanning intensifier
Kakadu Plum antioxidants
Myramaze skin soothers
Tiger Grass™ blemish fighters
White Charcoal reduces excess oil
Advanced Matrixyl Synthe 6™ and BodyFit™ skin firmers
Pink Champagne Fragrance