Ds Duchess Lotion - Tanning

DS Duchess Lotion

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  • About the product
      • Rich, whole milk formula
      • Defends against free radicals for younger-looking skin
      • Contains vitamins d and b2
    • You exude confidence, style and elegance while making the privileges that come with your charmed life seem more like a birthright! So indulge in the beauty ritual once reserved for ancient royalty and aristocracy. Inspired by the centuries old skincare secret of milk baths, this opulent whole milk-base lotion will help provide you with glowing skin as you step over the wannabes and social climbers. A bit over the top? Who cares?! Understated is sooo overrated Darling!

      • Whole milk-base formula fortifies your skin with Calcium to help promote the production of melanin and soften skin, while also providing Tyrosine and Vitamin B₂ to help you milk every second of your tanning session  
      • Advanced 8X bronzing blend features DHA, MelanINK™ and instant bronzers infused with Honeysuckle to help increase skin oxygenation for deeper, longer lasting color
      • Optimized ProVitamin D helps defend against free radicals to help promote younger looking skin

      Fragrance: Sugar Noir